Dear my Van Gogh buyers,

How are you doing?

Thanks for who interested on my Van Gogh figure.

Finally, every full figure set and DX set sold out now. 

Thank you so much.

First, I really sorry and appriciate your patience.

Last time, i announced final Van Gogh shipping schedule, but it has some changed.

Original schedule was Van Gogh shipping first and then after moving my atelier.

But all of a sudden became the moving my atelier first.

I am now getting ready to move out and ready for clean out my new atelier.

As you know, i am a single artist, not company.

So i doing my self all these thing.

New atelier will be started at 15th April, Van gogh shipping will be 20~30 April, first come first serve basis shipping. 

I do my best for good result and fast shipping.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards,


P.s; If you want a see real time update of Serang's informations, please add my Facebook page or my website.

  1. DG 2013.04.13 18:27 address edit/delete reply

    블로그 접속하려고하면 공격사이트 보고 메세지가 뜨네요...

    이사는 잘 하셨나요?

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