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Dear my Hendrix buyer,

How are you doing?

South Korea is a very unusual heat wave and to suffer.

First, i apologize for the delayed Hendrix figure(painted version sculpts and full custom figure)  ships.

I do my best for shipping date as i already announced, but it will be little delayed.

I know you already waiting over 3 month, i really sorry again.

Now i had a some troubles,

First, crazy hot weather with high humidity.

It was a big problems to my painting job process.

Also my Hendrix silicon mold has damaged, now i make new silicon mold.

It will be fixed soon, not worry about that.

But it will be need some more time, little delayed my schedule.

Originally, i was promised shipped on this week, but it will be take a little more.

Please wait for the next one to two weeks, as much more appreciated.

I promise it will be shipped at next two weeks.

Also i will be do my best for you must received own Hendrix figure as soon as possible.

I am very sorry for this situation, and really thanks for the your patience.

Thank you!

Best Regards,




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